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Take full control of your business

It’s time to level up and grow your business, improve productivity, get real-time and full control over your business.

All the features you need to run a modern business.

A powerful point of sale for your business your staff and customers will appreciate.

A birds-eye-view of your empire.

Get a real-time overview of your franchise from a single pane of glass dashboard.

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The Only POS Platform You’ll Ever Need

A hybrid cloud-based POS system designed for multi-store or franchised business

Real-Time Multi-Site Sales

Get an overview of all stores sales from a single dashboard. Understand your sales patterns.

Real-Time Data Report and Analytics

Understand every aspect of your business with real-time data reporting.

Time and Attendance

Track and manage your employee’s time and attendance with our built in labour module.

Built-in Loyalty Program

Reward your customers across multiple sites with our Live Loyalty Program. Customer can earn and redeem points at multiple store locations.

Integrated Digital Marketing

At AddictivePOS, your business is our main priority. We have added a marketing feature to help your business online.

All-In-One Franchise System

The all-in-one tools you need for your franchise business, easy to use with powerful features.

Accounting Integration with MYOB

A world class accounting integration built with years of experience and state of the art SAS technology.

Brand Management Tools

Manage your franchise business efficiently and effectively to maximize growth.

Integrated Payment Gateways

Secure and fully integrated payment gateways for e-commerce through our trusted partners

Supplier Integrations

Best in class Supplier Integration System to empower your supplier and provide  business transparency.

Bump Bar or KVS

Built-in Bump Bar or KVS features to showcase your business in visual art through AddictivePOS platform.


Community Forum

AddicitvePOS built-in community forum tool to organize employee, organization, franchiser, retailers and more.

Documentation Library

Robust documentation library feature with custom reporting analysis at your fingertips.


Quickly set-up and run a survey to boost business reputation and increase valuable client or business feedback.

Drive Thru

Expand your business with Drive Thru Management tools that enable you to manage, and track orders from your POS.

A single pane of glass.

Our POS platform is a fully functional system built to manage and control multiple sites.

Business Intelligence

Gain a greater understanding into the patterns that drive your sales. We have all the modules you need such as a built in customer loyalty program.

Easy to use Interfaces

Our front end POS client is designed for speed of service. Everything has its place and is easy to find and operate.

Multiple Store Management

Get a real-time overview of your sites from a single pane of glass. With advanced reporting and management tools you can do more in less time.

Analyze Business Data

Instant access to real-time reporting across your stores. Track your retail sales with ease, grow your business with our POS reporting feature.